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World War One


Of all the themed exhibitions Philip Simpson Design has developed to showcase one of the Big Four firms rich heritage, the WW1 project is the one which inspired the most pride and appreciation. Timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the start of the war in 1915, the exhibition centred around nearly 300 letters that were sent between the firms employee Mr Squirrel, and many of the 100 staff that were serving in the armed forces.


These emotive and revealing letters highlight the impact of war on the UK and its economy – and the vital role that the firm played in keeping the UK afloat - as well as the accountants who were risking life and limb at the front. The design scheme included AV showing vintage film footage, and showcases of treasured artefacts, including army boots that had been at the front with the employees. The exhibition concluded with a link to the firms current support for the Invictus Games, an athletic event for veterans.


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