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Lights Neon Action showcasing the British Museum’s world class collection of Pop Art prints

Whitehall Historic House shines light on a villages history, from Henry VIII to sea captains and secret vaults

Environmental graphics at the British Museum’s Living with gods: people, places and worlds beyond 

A difficult and distressing subject
explored through
beautiful, thoughtful and impactful displays

A coherent and aspirational
graphic treatment was created for all

14 galleries in this flagship museum

Inspirational graphics tell story of
Libya’s culture and geography for Shanghai Expo

The experience of a historic,
Grade I listed chapel made legible and accessible

A bold and immersive exploration
of the facts and fictions around
WWI’s infamous allied defeat

Bringing fascinating history of ancient church to life in elegant, appropriate
and accessible ways

Inspired interpretation reveals the
diverse culture, characters and events behind a global corporation

Enriching local knowledge of
Birmingham’s history and culture
through thoughtful design

Accessible and inclusive graphic  installations bring Duxford’s
extraordinary history to life

Building a rich and engaging experience around the Domesday book through interactives and graphics

A participatory and memorable local history museum designed around
a characterful house 

Celebrating one of the 'Big Fours' role
in WW1 
with letters and artefacts

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