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Museum design consultancy Philip Simpson Design specialise in design for the arts, museum and heritage sectors, delivering award-winning museum design in stimulating and accessible ways. We call upon a pool of expertise from bespoke interpretation teams, 3D designers and AV specialists, adding to our full range of museum graphic design services. We build strong client relationships, deliver on aspirations and add value to each museum design project.


Communication is at the heart of any museum design, and the museum designers job is to transmit your message. Philip Simpson prides himself on designing museum graphics to interpret the story in a stimulating and accessible way, finding a unique expression through colour, materials, style; that enhances both the museums identity and the visitor experience.


As a multiple award-winning museum designer, Philip understands better than most how to fulfill the demands for clarity, legibility and aesthetic appeal. Having worked on many projects both here and abroad, he has fine-tuned an ability to communicate to a huge and varied international audience.


As well as unparalleled museum design experience we can offer a full range of graphic design services, from web design, identity to printwork and signage, unifying and elevating projects with a consistent visual message.


“My goal as a museum designer is always to create a collaborative and evolutionary partnership that enhances the museum design and delivers the desired result.” -
Philip Simpson

Clients include:

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